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Home Care Services


Community Choices Waiver

The Community Choices Waiver (CCW) serves seniors and persons with adult onset disabilities as an alternative to nursing facility care. Based on a standardized assessment, each recipient is provided a budget based on acuity to create an individual service package. The CCW contains a wide array of services including: support coordination, nursing and skilled therapy assessments and services, home modifications, personal care, monitored in-home caregiving, and more.  


Long-Term Personal Care Services

The Long-Term Personal Care Services program provides help with activities of daily living for people who qualify for assistance under the program guidelines. Some of the services included are: Eating, Bathing, dressing,transferring, toileting, light housekeeping,  preparing and storing meals, and more. This program does not individually or in combination with other OAAS programs provide 24 hour per day supports.


New Opportunities Waiver

The New Opportunities Waiver (NOW) began in April 2003, replacing the Mentally Retarded and Developmentally Disabled Waiver (MRDD Waiver). The mission of the NOW is to utilize the principles of self determination to supplement the family and/or community supports while supporting dignity, quality of life, and security in the everyday lives of people while maintaining the Recipient in the community. The NOW includes an array of services aimed at assisting people to live as independently as possible. 

Residential Options Waiver 

The Residential Options Waiver (ROW) program provides supports and services in the home and in the community to individuals of all ages, who are eligible to receive OCDD waiver services. It is a capped waiver where each person's individual annual budget is based upon his/her assessed support needs. Support needs are determined by an Inventory for Client and Agency Planning (ICAP) assessment. This program is not intended to provide 24 hours a day of one to one support. 

Children's Choice Waiver

The Children’s Choice Waiver (CC) program provides services in the home and in the community to individuals 0 through 20 years of age, who currently live at home with their families or who will leave an institution to return home. This waiver provides an individualized support package  and is designed for maximum flexibility. Youth who reach the age of 18 and want to work may choose to transition to a Supports Waiver as long as they remain eligible for waiver services. Youth who continue in the Children’s Choice Waiver beyond age 18 will age out of Children’s Choice Waiver when they reach their 21st birthday. They will transition to the most appropriate waiver that meets their needs as long as they remain eligible for waiver services. This program is not intended to provide 24 hours a day support. 

To apply for any of these services, please contact our office for more information.

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